Amanda (lilbunni007) wrote in ladiesofleisure,

Holiday Cheer

Thanks to everyone who attended our ladiesofleisure members-only holiday party. (ok, Dacian, baby Bill and laminathegreat did slip in at the end) I thought I would share a couple of the pictures. Please, if anyone else has some - feel free to post!! I think this year's party was possibly THE BEST EVER!

The night before the party, a bunch of us got together and held a traditional Christmas pageant. loither was cute as ever playing baby Jesus. I believe ms_pooka was the Virgin Mary. Go figure.

Moments before the actual party, the men gathered to arrange the gifts for us ladies. I'm not sure who the guy in the far left corner is�. BTW, loither, you look stunning in the red dress!

When the festivities began, you had to believe I was the first on Santa's lap. giveawayboy and graey42 tried not to look anxious, but believe me, they were next on his lap.

ms_pooka and lemonchiffon handed out presents to the members. Here they are with synnik and our newest member class_and_sass.

loither models a gift. Hey Santa.

I'm not sure what this is about, must have been our entertainment, I think I had, had one to many cocktails at this point.

Thanks to all who attended!


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i spit when i saw denverbettie sitting on your lap.

hey now! i am a virgin and there's no reason to make fun of me just because my name's not Mary.

as you can see in the one photo, i was still in that phase of growing out my leg hair. it's all smoother days now.

i haven't finished my roll of film yet.
I spit too. I knew that dress made me look fat. I can usually play the cleavage card, which negates the stomach roll, but not in green velvet dammit.
Oh damn, I'm skinny in those pictures! I'm like a size 6! Thanks! That party was funner than the sponge bath I gave my neighbor, old Mr. Abner! I gotta get cracking on spurting out some pictures.
o.k. well, it was fun to be there and finally MEET class_and_sass in person. And I'm starting to realize how much senornacho loves to drink. he never puts down the damn glass. o.k. o.k. so, you knew that graey42 and I were itching to sit on Santa's lap, but you know, nothing could compare to having lemonchiffon sitting on mine. I mean, I must have told her I'd buy her all the Easy-Bake Ovens and Strawberry Shortcake figurines she wanted. Or was that Hello Kitty? Hmmmm..... I think someone ELSE here is the Hello Kitty expert. At any rate, it's always great just getting toasted and bonding w lemonchiffon or any of the rest of my ladiesofleisure family. Oh my, lucky us, loither is now on lj, or I just noticed. But you know, I didn't get to talk to him too much that night, as he was always trying so hard to just be Jesus or Santa. I mean, I couldn't just have a normal chat w that guy. He was super busy and tres popular. Oh well, I can go check out his journal. Hey, as far as ms_pooka being a virgin. Hey! I think virgins are sheik. Go virgins! Well, I need to go now. I had a blast, and look forward to further parties! Woo! Hoo!